How to sell your property fast: property valuation

03 August 2020

By Martha L.
Director of Alanda Properties
3rd of August 2020

One of the main reasons on why some sellers have houses on sale for a number of years in Spain, with no end in sight, is because they haven’t chosen the correct sales price. Often, owners are of the mind their property is worth much more than what the current market price is. I have come across several owners with a sales price of say 1.8 mn euros when in truth the market price was closer to 1.3 mn. This large price difference translates into no viewings and having to wait for several years to sell on.

In principle, sticking to your guns is not a problem, that is if you don’t mind having to wait for the next property cycle to catch up with your sales price (which could easily be ten to fifteen years’ time). However, if you are somewhat pressed to sell, and want to move on with your life, you may want to adopt a proactive stance on your sales price and review it.

For a very competitive fee (couple hundred euros), Alanda Properties provides you with a professional appraisal that values your property in line with today’s market. This report, written in English, calculates the sales price of your property based on similar properties sold within your area over a six-month period.

We can offer you this report nationwide, regardless of where your property is located in Spain. It is extremely accurate and in fact, it is a market tool that estate agencies use as standard to determine house sales prices. The report also offers a host of additional information, such as the recommended monthly rental, with a breakdown for the different seasons. The report is very complete and gives you a clear overview of where your property stands in the market in relation to other properties.

It will then be up to you to decide if you want to adjust your sales price, more in line with today’s prices, or else wait it out for the next 15 years.

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