Malaga chosen as the second best city worldwide by expats

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Director of Alanda Properties

In a recent survey carried out by InterNations, Malaga was voted as the second best city overall to live in as a foreign resident. Madrid was ranked number 10, and Barcelona a distant 29.

Malaga has become a very attractive place for foreign residents over the last decade for a number of reasons. Its high quality of life, its gorgeous climate, and most recently the steep drop in taxes making it an area of ultra-low taxation all work together to make Malaga an incredible place to live in.

At Alanda Properties, we can assist you and your family settling in Malaga. From buying a house to organizing a residency permit, we cover it all. We make buying properties in Spain simple and safe.

Contact me at Alanda Properties if you are buying or selling property on the Costa del Sol and Sotogrande. You will be surprised to learn the deals this new market has to offer on prime locations.

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