Once-in-a-lifetime buying opportunity

03 June 2020

By Martha L.
Director of Alanda Properties
3rd of June 2020

As explained in my previous post (Asking prices drop 30 to 40%!) Covid-19 has created a slew of buying opportunities.

Every week clients contact us to list properties with discounts averaging 30%, or more. This level of widespread discounts is unheard of since the bank meltdown in 2008.

If you are committed on buying a property in an established well-to-do location in Marbella or Costa del Sol, we can offer you a wide range of properties with huge discounts, whether to buy as an investment or to live in.

History shows us that savvy investors who invested during market’s extreme fears are the ones who stand to reap the largest profits on the mid to long run. More and more it is becoming apparent the unique bargains to be found in prime locations on the Costa del Sol.

At Alanda Properties our team of seasoned realtors can help you select from our listings a property that matches your needs at extremely affordable prices.

Call us today and secure a once-in-a-lifetime property deal!

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