Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa approved!

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Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa (DNV) came into force on the 1st of January 2023.

It allows you to work remotely from Spain i.e. teleworking.

The DNV is extensive to family members i.e. spouse and children under the age of 18 years old.

The main advantage of a DNV is its taxation. It grants its applicants a special tax regime whereby they pay very few taxes as opposed to the standard IRPF (personal income tax) sliding scale.

Applications are now open for this visa! Please contact us if you wish to pursue a DNV.

DNV main advantages

  • Tax breaks for the employee (DNV applicant). This is the core advantage. It basically applies a privileged non-domiciled tax scheme to visa holders that allows them to pay a flat tax rate of only 24% on the first €600,000 of gross annual earnings over a five-year period. Over and above said threshold, they are taxed at the standard top marginal rate of 47%.
  • Five-year residency permit. Initially on a one-year application, followed by two-year renewals up to a total of 5 years. The visa extends to the family of the main applicant.
  • It allows you to work in Spain remotely. Moreover, it encourages you to work in Spain, specifically remotely with your laptop (or desktop).
  • Allows you to legally override the 90/180-day rule that limits stay in Spain (and by extension in the Schengen Area/EU).
  • Tax breaks for the foreign employer (if it has an establishment in Spain).

DNV specific requirements

  • You need to prove you are hired by a foreign company. This is the core requirement. I.e. a freelance IT artist with a contract.
  • You need to prove you have formal academic qualifications (i.e. 3-year university degree).
  • You need to prove you have at least 3 years of work experience.

Staple visa requirements

  1. Non-EU national.
  2. Hire private health insurance in Spain.
  3. Clean criminal record (previous 5 years).
  4. Be self-supporting (you will not claim benefits).
  5. Not be already in Spain illegally at the time of making a visa application.

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