The Costa del Sol and Marbella’s high-end market still booming!

05 July 2021

Director of Alanda Properties
3rd of July 2021

Last month we published an article featuring Marbella’s high-end market is booming! The sale trend still continues strong, and if anything, it’s picking up traction as word-of-mouth spreads out over the net.

The sale season is nothing short of spectacular, with busy notaries all over the Costa del Sol. The dramatic tax reduction instigated by the Junta de Andalusia as reported by some lawyers (only available until the end of this year!) coupled with the new consumer habits fostered by the Covid-19 pandemic has translated into a property frenzy attracting wealthy investors and buyers from all over the world.

It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle we are being witness of. Affluent buyers are flying in their families looking for solace and protection from the virus, and all its mutant strains, that continue to afflict large cities the world over.

Investors and buyers feel right at home in Marbella, and the Costa del Sol, protected in their spacious homes with large gardens and open terraces. The virus cases reported in Marbella are almost anecdotal by rapport to those found in large cities where contagion has become all too common and pace is gathering.

Contact me at Alanda Properties for bargain-priced property or long-term lets in Marbella and the Costa del Sol. You will be surprised to learn the deals this new market has to offer on prime locations.

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