Rental prices soar for 5th consecutive year in Spain!

03 February 2020

By Martha L.
Director of Alanda Properties

Spain has once more pulverized its own records, for its fifth consecutive year rental prices have climbed at 5.5% YOY. But that’s not all, the price per rented metre square has reached a level unprecedented since 2007! Source: El Pais daily newspaper.

As we published back in November 2019 in our newsletter (8 Tips for Buy-To-Let Success), buying and renting property in Spain has proven a very successful investment for savvy investors. Scores of landlords make huge amounts every tax quarter. You can realistically expect to rent out in Spain 8 months a year, with huge landlord tax breaks of 70%, or more.

The rental money can be used to offset overheads and maintenance expenses, such as mortgage repayments. No other investment is giving a safe 5.5% yield, every year.

But that’s not all, it only gets better.

Besides soaring rental yields, year after year, you also have the capital appreciation of the property. Properties in Spain have seen their value increase over the previous five years at an average rate of 5% pa.

When you combine both soaring rental yields and capital appreciation, you reach the conclusion Spanish real estate is giving a safe two-digit return year on year. This is ideal for retirees who are afraid of sharp stock market fluctuations and seek a save investment in bricks for their pension pot.

At Alanda Properties, our team of seasoned specialists (compromised by estate agents, lawyers and economists) cherry picks the right property portfolio for investors, seeking the maximum potential and ROI on their money. Why are you still missing out on this property bonanza?

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